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Chordpunch was set up to explore the many and moving forms of algorithmic music. That might mean a computer program generating every note you hear, or new electronic music inspired by algorithms, or human beings following interesting rules with musical outcomes. We aren’t too dogmatic, and mainly release recordings as documents of algorithmic activity rather than programs. But we hope to generate a lot of excitement.

The name itself could refer to playfully punching harmony a friendly hello, or outright rejecting it in favour of raw timbre. We might imagine an early computer world of card punching, or punching in an aurally devastating instruction sequence. And we might quote John Cage from 1969: ‘Computers are bringing about a situation that’s like the invention of harmony. Sub-routines are like chords. No one would think of keeping a chord to himself. You’d give it to anyone who wanted it. You’d welcome alterations of it. Sub-routines are altered by a single punch.’

ChordPunch is a member of the state51 conspiracy, just about the oldest, nicest and best label collective you can find.  We are building slowly, but with state51’s help our music has been on all the worthwhile digital stores from the start.

For more info email us, our address is hello@ then our name, then .com

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