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Kiti le Step
Kiti le Step emerged from the London algostep scene in late 2010, with a pocket full of basslines wobbly and punky. Apart from dubstep, Kiti’s influences include hip-hop and old-fashioned rave, and some other random things. In particular, the Dirichlet distribution and the psychology of arousal

Sick Lincoln
Sick has cast a mysterious shadow over the generative breaks scene, disappearing for several years into electronic mythology, returning to bring an album full of algopop to Chordpunch. Now even holding a website again…

Slub sound emerges from slub software; melodic and chordal studies, generative experiments and beat processes. Process-based sonic improvisations; live generative music using hand crafted and live coded apps, scripts and l-systems in networked synchrony. With roots in UK electronica and tech culture, slub build their own software environments for creating music in realtime. Only custom composition and DSP software is used. Everything you hear is formed by human minds.

Slub project their screens so that the audience are able to appreciate their live software development process, which does not adhere to industry quality control standards. They communicate using OSC over UDP and eyebrow gestures. The output ranges from extra slow abstract gabba, through intelligent ambient to acid blues glitch.

Some text about the life of Yee-King should really appear here, but he is way too mysterious for that. Instead, you might try

Lars From Mars
Lars from Mars is the alias of composer/programmer/performer/sonologist Lars Graugaard, under which he indulges in all kinds of bodily (dys)functions applied to music.


Mico Rex

Shelly Knotts


The Duchess of Turing
Too mysterious for words, and totally unimportant

Fabrice Mogini



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