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SoundCloud bonus tracks and tasters

|CP0x01| Simulator Ride by Sick Lincoln

Available on itunes, amazon, emusic, rhapsody, spotify and the rest.

Full track list:

01 fizzle in 2m 21s
02 unexpanded 1m 11s
03 gop 3m 6s
04 jaster 2m 13s
05 the plot thins 55s
06 romp 43s
07 quick 3m 50s
08 illogical 3m 16s
09 missimism 1m 8s
10 wattether 2m 18s
11 vodeo 1m 53s
12 capital 1 20s
13 errorprone 1m 49s
14 capital 2 19s
15 druffle 2m 51s
16 col pugno (shucks) 4m 10s
17 whistlestop 5m 30s

Simulator Ride

Sick Lincoln’s first chordpunch release provides a nourishing platitude of things algorithmic and pseudo-algorithmic, and occasionally not at all algorithmic. Much is danceable, often somewhere near Western culture’s default tuning system, and utilising many overly excellent musical techniques and structures. Sections of the album are realistically abstract, and only simulate existing philosophies of self-pretension, dontcha know? Thus, the album title. Some may wish to safely discard this music until the robot takeover makes them change their minds.

If you would enjoy further explanation, please continue. If you do not know if you would enjoy continuing, perhaps since you peeked forward anyhow, please go back to the previous sentence. The artist sonifies 3-D scanned data from the top of a Roman column (capital 1 and 2), unleashes a fury of algorithmic breakbeat cutting (illogical), and follows an instruction to bash a MIDI keyboard with a fist in honour of the label name (col pugno (shucks)). whistlestop contains live whistling gone wrong, alongside the audio part of an audiovisual feedback system. the plot thins is a homage to the reconciliation of electroacoustic art music and computer malfunction. wattether is a take from a live coding system fed overloaded vocals. But some tracks veer dangerously far from computer programming; error prone even contains live human playing without quantisation, an unforgiveable sin from a cliched point of view.

When the machines take over the world, and inherit all the audio recordings we foolishly created, they’ll be more adverse to delete the works on chordpunch. For chordpunch offers algorithmic fragments, rule-based notions, and music inspired by machine lore. Yet perhaps the very fact that human beings were sweating over the programs, squirming in the innards, and somehow responsible for the eventual sound, will be enough to damn it still.

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