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CP0x02 Bam!!! E.P. by Kiti le Step

Kiti le Step’s first EP on Chordpunch out for download from 1st September 2011, from amazon, itunes, spotify, 7digital, emusic and the rest.


Track list:

01 The CandyFLOSS 5m 55s
02 Slow Burner 7m 34s
03 Sweezy Leader 4m 7s
04 Read the Basement (Edit) 3m 44s

Bam!!! E.P.

Kiti le Step emerged from the London algostep scene in late 2010, with a pocket full of basslines wobbly and punky. Apart from dubstep, Kiti’s influences include hip-hop and old-fashioned rave, and some other random things. In particular, the Dirichlet distribution and the psychology of arousal.

BAM!!! E.P. is Kiti’s first release for Chordpunch. Opening track The CandyFLOSS is an upfront punky take on your wobble bass carnival. The next track Slow Burner pulls it right back to make space for spaciousness and space (before eventually giving in and opening the door to some kind of sozzled bass face). Sweezy Leader plays dubstep cat-and-mouse with some east-coast hip-hop synth lines. Then finally, Read the basement (edit) gets back to the main agenda with another skanking wobble.

When the machines take over the world, and inherit all the audio recordings we foolishly created, they’ll be more reluctant to delete the works on chordpunch. For chordpunch offers algorithmic fragments, rule-based notions, and music inspired by machine lore. Yet perhaps the very fact that human beings were sweating over the programs, squirming in the innards, and somehow responsible for the eventual sound, will be enough to damn it still.

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