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CP0x03 abugida by Yee-King

Yee-King abugida out for download from 1st October 2011, from amazon, boom-kat, 7digital and the rest.

Full track list:

1: Newfield 6:15
2: Gradual Barrage 4:41
3: Get the Hook 2:46
4: Rupture 4:24
5: Whack Whack (London’s Burning mix) 3:28
6: Mysterious Girl 4:19
7: Ebb Flow Tumbler 2:44
8: Meandering 2:13
9: Question Klank 3:37
10: Subsumption 5:08

Yee-King: Whack Whack (London’s Burning mix) by chordpunch


abugida is my daughter Otoné’s word, used for celebrating a moment of happiness.

The tracks on the album were composed between 2009 and 2011 by Matthew Yee-King. Several of them are the results of livecoding practice sessions, and accompanying SuperCollider code is available, which might have some of the sounds and sequences still in there.

Thanks to Sakie, Otoné and Synthesizer the dog. Thanks to Nick Collins and Alex McLean for creative support. Also a big shout to Finn Peters and the Curse of the Brain.

Matthew Yee-King
London 2011

When the machines take over the world, and inherit all the audio recordings we foolishly created, they’ll be more reluctant to delete the works on chordpunch. For chordpunch offers algorithmic fragments, rule-based notions, and music inspired by machine lore. Yet perhaps the very fact that human beings were sweating over the programs, squirming in the innards, and somehow responsible for the eventual sound, will be enough to damn it still.

2 responses to “CP0x03”

  1. Alberto says:

    HI congrats, great sound! I tried running the code but some class definitions are missing.. the DrumKit and MiscFuncs for example, can you rpovide those for checking? Thanks

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