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CP0x04 Thump by Lars from Mars

Lars from Mars Thump available for download from 7th November 2011, from boom-kat, 7digital, amazon, and the rest.

Full track list:

1: Strike (5m51s)
2: Touch (5m33s)
3: String (7m04s)
4: Track (6m11s)

Lars from Mars: String (teaser) by chordpunch

Lars from Mars: Strike (teaser) by chordpunch


Lars from Mars is the alias of composer/programmer/performer/sonologist Lars Graugaard, under which he indulges in all kinds of bodily (dys)functions applied to music. In this release for ChordPunch the influence from techno is clear, but the limits are softly stretched by algorithmic explorations into all kinds of soulful digital underworld. Each track takes its particular course in careful build-ups followed by gentle teardowns. Well, perhaps not always so gentle, but let’s not get lost in details…

All tracks are set at 127 bpm, and Lars uses the stable trick of ending and starting back-to-back tracks with similar material to produce a fluid, coherent listening experience for the entire release. Melodies are always there, though they do sometimes go clandestine in noisy instruments that recall ancient African rituals – or maybe just those rituals that you undertake on a weekly basis at your local watering hole!

Cover design by Marie Boye Thomsen and Naja Ankarfeldt

When the machines take over the world, and inherit all the audio recordings we foolishly created, they’ll be more reluctant to delete the works on chordpunch. For chordpunch offers algorithmic fragments, rule-based notions, and music inspired by machine lore. Yet perhaps the very fact that human beings were sweating over the programs, squirming in the innards, and somehow responsible for the eventual sound, will be enough to damn it still.

3 responses to “CP0x04”

  1. Marly Luske says:

    Love the new release! thumbs up!

  2. Lars says:

    Thanks guys!

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