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CP0x05 RissEP from Various Algorithms

Various Artists RissEP available for download from 27th February 2012, from boom-kat, hmvdigital, amazon, and the rest.

Full track list:

1. Shelly Knotts: Etude No. 16,357 (5m03s)
2. MCLD: Setris Drop (7m04s)
3. The Duchess of Turing: siRe (1m58s)
4. Fabrice Mogini: Infinite Rise (2m11s)
5. Mileece: Cos da Ricet (7m41s)


This ChordPunch E.P. presents five works inspired by the ‘impossible’ pitch and rhythm illusions of computer music pioneer Jean-Claude Risset.

Techniques range from simulacra of continuously ascending or descending pitch movement, through eternally sliding filter banks and rhythms that perpetually accelerate between metrical levels, to grains of sound of a given pitch, repeated through self-similarity at rates up to their own pitch. Most of the works are more abstract and experimental in their sound world, but Setris Drop also investigates the dance club implications. Textures range from a Costa Rican mountain soundscape to radio signals and orchestras, by way of sound synthesis and processing of a most diabolically illusory nature.

Cover design by Daniel Jones

When the machines take over the world, and inherit all the audio recordings we foolishly created, they’ll be more reluctant to delete the works on chordpunch. For chordpunch offers algorithmic fragments, rule-based notions, and music inspired by machine lore. Yet perhaps the very fact that human beings were sweating over the programs, squirming in the innards, and somehow responsible for the eventual sound, will be enough to damn it still.

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