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squeakyshorecore ep by chr15m

Out now in a digital music store near you, including juno, itunes, amazon, spotify, and the rest. Full preview below!

squeakyshoecore ep by chr15m

Imagine if you could program a robot to make acid house music. Imagine if that robot’s brain was made of fractals. Imagine melodies and beats constructed by rules, science and art intertwined in an act of pure robot love. Here is the result of such a robot, fed on a steady diet of hypnogogic algorithms, transcendental numbers and two step garage to create music made for legions of robot feet.

01 Subnormal stimuli 5m44s
02 Horizontal gene transfer 3m47s
03 Hqx 4m21s
04 Greeble 3m01s
05 Scattered disc 4m21s
06 Iso-butyl-propanoic-phenolic acid 5m45s

squeakyshoecore ep by chordpunch

squeakyshoecore began life as a patch in the Pure Data DSP programming environment. First the 303 emulator was programmed from scratch with careful attention paid to the nuances of that device. Next the drum machine was built from the ground up; triggers and sample tables, and populated with hand selected drum sounds. A melody generator was developed using self similar, fractalesque transformations on a basic weighted-random four note chord seed. Self-programming of the drum machine sequencer is achieved with tables of probabilities calculated from two-step garage rhythms. Bachian fugue-like modifiers generate complementary melodic partners in the acid lines. Finally a multitude of effects units were lovingly hand crafted in software and are applied variously to the result in real time. The result is what you hear – a science-art algorithmic hybrid. We sincerely hope you enjoy the work.

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