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0x09 Rico Mex EP by Mico Rex

Out now in a digital music store near you, including juno, itunes, amazon, spotify, and the rest. Teaser previews below!

Rico Mex EP by Mico Rex

Mico Rex is a Mexican experimental electro-pop duo formed in 2010 by Ernesto Romero and Jorge Ramirez, pioneers of live programming in México. After performing in cheesy and gritty joints, they reached international festivals in México and went all the way to a successful European tour across Zürich, Nantes, Barcelona, and closing the 2012 SuperCollider Symposium in London.

From an algorithmic trench, Mico Rex deliver to Chord Punch their first E.P. Rico Mex. It is a meal of unjustifiably harsh electronics, seasoned with catchy, melodic, schizophrenic and danceable ingredients. Exploring styles including bolero, 8bit, glitch, old school electro, old romantic, punk, geek, breakz, fresh, vocal, finura and the future, they will take care of you (if you let them) with smooth waves of deep wild-eyed braids. With a mix of deterministic algorithms and joystick-in-card-board controlled expressiveness, concatenated within a master two-synched-laptop-brain, Mico Rex play with the precise and the indeterminate.

Mico Rex proudly launches this material on ChordPunch, and ChordPunch are proud to have them.

Te amo
Mico Rex

01 Perro 4m14s
02 Quiero Vivir 5m52s
03 Paloma 5m01s
04 Bombón 3m32s
05 No Quiero Na 3m39s
06 Quiero Vivir Remix Tana 5m03s

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