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0x0c Tessera E.P. by Luuma

Out now in a digital music store near you, including juno, boomkat, amazon, spotify, and the rest. Teaser previews below!

Tessera E.P. by Luuma

Luuma is an electronic musician from Brighton, UK. This is his first solo release, three tracks of experimental algorave music that float on the psychedelic-industrial-shoegaze-glitch-techno borders. The E.P. is put together from improvised studio recordings, played on Luuma’s live system, a collection of music tech that includes handmade controllers, homemade software and semi-controllable neural networks, and that has a tendency to spill out floods of granular mosaic-noise. Luuma’s instrument keeps evolving faster than he can learn to play it, but for a brief period of clarity he managed to remember what all the buttons do, and the result is this, the ‘Tessera E.P’.

01 Melting In 11m27s
02 2.mak 7m47s
03 The Photocopier Song 14m58s

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